Sassy Sauce Polish – August 2018 Collection

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I can’t believe how fast this year has gone by. It has truly been a whirlwind for my family! How about for y’all? Fall is just around the corner and soon everyone is going to be in the pumpkin spice kind of mood. I love fall, coming from Colorado the fall is gorgeous. The mountains start getting their snow peaks but it usually doesn’t get too cold in the Front Range for a little while longer. I’m not a winter person at all but I do love oversized comfy sweaters and a lovely pair of boots!

Before we hit the pumpkin spice of it all, let’s send summer off with another amazing collection from Sassy Sauce Polish!




Carrie is releasing a six polish collection this month that includes a new Stamping Sauce. This collection has a little for everyone! Creme, flakies, soft colors, dark colors and multichromes. The colors apply perfect as always, there is one small issue with one but read the breakdown with Coffee in the Nude for all the details.

My favorite: Coffee in the Nude. Why? Because cremes! They are the perfect classic manicure, beautiful all by themselves but they also give you the perfect canvas for nail art too.

Release Information: The August collection launches on Sunday, August 26th at 11am central time on the Sassy Sauce Polish website. You can purchase the full collection of six for $55 or individually. Prices will be marked with each swatch.


Sky Stamping Sauce

sky blue creme that is perfect for stamping and also as one coat color
Price $7.50

I love all of Carrie’s Stamping Sauces. They are so affordable and they stamp great! This is such a beautiful soft blue that dries to a shiny finish. I’m not the best at one coat color so my swatches are shown in two coats. Sky Stamping Sauce is shown stamped over Marshmallow and Carbon Stamping Sauce.

Nail Art Products
Uber Chic Beauty Collection 1 Plate 1-02


Coffee in the Nude

creamy mocha creme
Price: $10

Coffee in the Nude is my personal favorite in this collection. The polish has great coverage and dries to a satin finish. It’s a great neutral/nude color to use on it’s own or dress it up with nail art. This gave me fall vibes and it came out in the nail art I picked for the color.

Ok so the down and dirty. The bottle has a bit of UBS but the polish also had some streaking of pigment when applying. I gave it a really good shaking and the pigment mixed together and was able to apply it with no other issues. The swatch team spoke with Carrie and it has been fixed! A new batch has been made and strained not once but three extra times. I call this a small issue because one, UBS surprisingly doesn’t bother my OCD. I keep my polish in Helmer drawers so I don’t have them staring me in the face. Plus, my stash hasn’t grown to the point of doing a destash. Two, a good shaking fixed the issue and there were no other issues with the polish. Three, the issue has been resolved before the official launch. I only mention this to give full disclosure on the initial formula.

Swatches are shown in two coats. I couldn’t decide between the matte or glossy nail art. Tell me which one you like best!

Nail Art Products
Hit the Bottle – Make Mine a Mudslide
Sassy Sauce Polish – Copper Stamping Sauce
Uber Chic Beauty – Lovely Leaves 2 stamping plate


Fuzzy Dice

soft pink with copper shift, aurora pigment and rainbow flakes
Price: $10

I’m not a pink girl but I really enjoy pink polish. Fuzzy Dice is a sheer color that requires a few coats to build up to opacity and dries in a satin finish. I think this could be fun to try over different undies and see what kinds of combinations you could make. Swatches are shown in three coats.



metallic blue with two kinds of duochrome flakies and rainbow flakies with some blue glass flecks for extra sparkle
Price: $10

You will dive into the ocean with this polish on your nails. Riptide dries to a flat metallic finish,  swatches are shown in two coats. There’s something about a matte metallic that catches my eye. It still has a shine to it even with a matte top coat. The flakies add the perfect amount of depth.

Nail Art Products
Sassy Sauce Polish – Marshmallow Stamping Sauce
Maniology (Bundle Monster) – BM-XL25 & BM-SE002 stamping plates


Chicka Chicaww

emerald multichrome that shifts to gold and purple with blue flecks and rainbow shifting flakies
Price: $10

Oh yeah! Multichromes, there are two in this collection and each one is a stunner! Chicka Chicaww makes me want to dance like in Ferris Bueller’s Day Off while of course saying this sound effect. The formula dries to a shiny metallic like finish and is a little more sheer requiring three coats for full opacity.

Nail Art Products
Sassy Sauce Polish – Scrambled Stamping Sauce
Manilogy – BM-XL209 & BM-XL201 stamping plates


No Texting on the Treadmill

purple multichrome that shifts to green and gold with added bronze micro-sparkle
Price: $10

No Texting on the Treadmill was inspired and named by Sassy Sista Sherri Felix! Could there be a funny backstory? I had a lot of fun photographing this polish. Every light and angle showed a different color. The bronze sparkle really shines and this made me love this color even more. Formula is great only needing two coats and it dries to a shiny metallic like finish.

Nail Art Products
Fancy Gloss – Minty Fresh polish
Lina Nail Art Supplies – Make Your Mark 01 & 03 stamping plates

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