Sassy Sauce Polish – December 2018 Collection

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I can’t believe it’s already the end of 2018! Are you ready for the December 2018 Collection from Sassy Sauce Polish? It’s the final release of the year, and although it is small, it is mighty!

Let’s not waste any time!


There are no issues with formula which is not a surprise at all. Introducing it’s staple debut is a new base coat that I put to the test! 

My Favorite: Xta-Sea! There is so much depth to this jelly. Something different would grab my eye each time I would look at my nails.

Release Information: The December 2018 Collection will be available on the Sassy Sauce Polish website on Saturday, December 15th at 11am central time. Pricing is $8.50 for the base coat and $10 for each polish color.

Additional Information: Also getting a restock during the release is the fan favorite No Texting on the Treadmill. You can view my swatches here.

Start it from the Bottom Sauce

This brand new base coat is the perfect complement to Shiny and/or Matte Top Sauce. I know you’re probably thinking, “Where is the picture of your nails?” Well, I took them … I really did. But since I don’t buff my nails and I’m constantly changing polish, my nails have the yellow swatcher badge of honor. You’d be too busy staring at them to notice the beautiful satin finish of the base coat.

Start if from the Bottom is a smoothing base to give you that flat working surface and help with preventing stains. Let me tell you about the longevity! I’ve been using the base for my last few swatch photos. On my final swatch I decided to see how it would go for a few days. Normally I do a sticky base followed by a smoothing base but this time I skipped the sticky base all together. My mani was still beautiful almost a full week later! I lost one nail the day before a full week with some lifting from my tip. This is amazing, for me, to have this kind of wear without a sticky base coat. If you’re looking for a non sticky long lasting base coat, give this one a try! 

Stunnin Vibes

Yay for purple! Surprised it didn’t make my fave? Not going to lie, I am too! I LOVE this color but also don’t want to always play biased to my favorite color. The cooper and red shifting shimmer dances on the lavender crelly that dries to a shiny finish. It really is a beautiful color.  Shown in two coats for full opacity.

Art Products
Sassy Sauce Polish: Slate, Gold and Ruby Stamping Sauces
Ejiubas: EJB-X09 stamping plate


Are you ready to see why this is my favorite? I am becoming more and more fond of jelly polish. They feel like they have the most dimension because of how you layer them to bring to opacity. Because of the sheerness of each layer, you can see the other elements flash underneath. I love the effect and really want to get into pond manis.

This is an ocean turquoise with bronze sparkle, copper shimmer and two types of duo-shifting flakies that dries to a satin finish on it’s own. Two coats brings this jelly to full opacity which is amazing!

Art Products
Sassy Sauce Polish: Carbon Stamping Sauce, Killer Heels and Boba Don’t Fett
Ejiubas: EJB-X13 stamping plate


The final color releasing is a multichrome that shifts from gold, blue, violet, and purple with some extra blue sparkle and flakies that shift green, blue and purple. Steeze is fully opaque in two coats and dries to a flat metallic finish. This is the deep dark mystery sister of the collection. Another color that you’ll notice little bits of extra when in differently lighting. 

Art Products
Sassy Sauce Polish: Carbon and Scrambled Stamping Sauces and R to the D to …
Ejiubas: EJB- X09 stamping plate

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