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Sassy Sauce Polish – November Salute Collection

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Sassy Sauce Polish is releasing an AMAZING collection for November! Inspired by the song Salute by Little Mix this collection is sure to get your heart pumping just like the song. Be sure to click that link and listen (and dance!) to the song while you read. Salute is the first song I’ve heard from Little Mix. Immediately the I could feel the beat. The song is all about women empowering and supporting women. Great song and great inspiration.

Hopefully everyone is staying warm. Personally, I can’t complain too much, it’s definitely cold here and we’ve had some freezing rain. But we don’t have snow like I’ve seen so many of you share. I don’t have much to chatter about so…

Let’s jump right in!

Pretty Beautiful Unlimited – Zombies Can Be Princesses Too: Villains Edition

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How many of you remember last year when Pretty Beautiful Unlimited released the Zombies Can Be Princesses Too collection? The collection was a gorgeous take on showing the dark side of Princesses.  Virginia is expanding on the collection with an edition inspired by the villains.

This last week was super long. I’ve been suffering from a migraine, and although the worst of the pain is gone, the constant dull pain is still lingering.  Swatching this collection gave me something to focus on other than the pain. It doesn’t take a clear head to see how absolutely amazing these colors look!

Let’s take a look at some of the photos that gave this collection it’s inspiration.

Sassy Sauce Polish – October Fantasy Fandom Collection

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You guys!! I am so excited to share this collection! The October Sassy Sauce Polish Fantasy Fandom Collection is all about STAR WARS!! If you attended the Minneapolis Polish Con back in September, you were able to see this collection and grab it for yourself. For those of us who sadly missed the event, it is time to make them yours!

I don’t know if many of you know this about me but I’m a big ol’ geek. I love to cosplay and have even created a costume and dressed up as a Jedi when they released Episode 1. This collection spoke to my heart since Star Wars is one of my favorite fandoms. I was over the Death Star to pull out my Star Wars stamping plate on a day other than May the Fifth.

Let’s take a look at all the colors releasing in the Fantasy Fandom Collection.

Pretty Beautiful Unlimited – September Holo-maniacs Group Custom

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Holo-maniacs is a Facebook Group for for lovers of, you guessed it, holo! If you love holographic polish you are probably already in the group. If you love holo and have just heard of the group for the first time, run over now and join! Here’s the link so you don’t have to search.

Group customs are always fun. A lot of the time the makers let the fans pick and vote on inspiration pics. Here is the winning photo Virginia with Pretty Beautiful Unlimited used to create this gorgeous polish.

Pretty Beautiful Unlimited – Do You Believe in Dragons?

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Today I have a really cool collection to share with you. Virginia of Pretty Beautiful Unlimited is releasing an eight piece collection inspired by one of our favorite mythical creatures, dragons. The Do You Believe in Dragons Collection if filled with all the glitter, shimmer and sparkle that you would expect from a Pretty Beautiful Unlimited polish!

First we’re going to talk about one of the newer products that Virginia offers. In another post we talked about the new creamy base and matte top coat. I mentioned that there is also a sticky base coat that is now carried in the shop. Well we are going to talk about Stick’em and how this base coat will extend the life of your mani.

Sassy Sauce Polish – Minneapolis Polish Con & More

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I’ve have been playing a game of catch up this week. My husband sprung a Florida getaway on me (isn’t he sweet) to visit family and even though I brought work with me, I never had the time to actually sit down and do the work.

Polish Con is just a few days away! Who’s going? I unfortunately won’t be there but I’m thrilled I was able to swatch the Sassy Sauce Polish exclusives for you. Along with the exclusives, Carrie is also bringing the September 2018 Collection to the event. This is a pretty big release so let’s jump right in.

Sassy Sauce Polish – August 2018 Collection

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I can’t believe how fast this year has gone by. It has truly been a whirlwind for my family! How about for y’all? Fall is just around the corner and soon everyone is going to be in the pumpkin spice kind of mood. I love fall, coming from Colorado the fall is gorgeous. The mountains start getting their snow peaks but it usually doesn’t get too cold in the Front Range for a little while longer. I’m not a winter person at all but I do love oversized comfy sweaters and a lovely pair of boots!

Before we hit the pumpkin spice of it all, let’s send summer off with another amazing collection from Sassy Sauce Polish!

Music City Beauty – 5 Year Anniversary Duo

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Hey y’all! It’s been a little while since we’ve last chat. It has been crazy lately! My husband had to travel for a few weeks for work. On top of that, we’re starting our first year of homeschooling our three boys! I wasn’t expecting the first week of school to be without my support system but it had to be done. Now that we are starting to get the new schedule down (and yay the hubby is home) I was able to sit and actually write up a blog post.

Kim with Music City Beauty is celebrating her 5 year anniversary! To celebrate she’s releasing an eye-catching duo. If you’re having trouble placing the name, Kim recently rebranded from Smokey Mountain Lacquers. The duo is the second release under the Music City Beauty label and you’re going to want to add these to your collection.


Promise Polish – First Look

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A few weeks back a friend of mine tagged me in a post from a brand looking for swatchers.  She knows I’m always looking for new brands to try and that swatching has become a big part of my life. I love that my friends are always looking out for me!

Promise Polish is a new to me brand and I was really excited to try out the polish. Deborah sent me three colors to review, two previously released and one brand new release.