Polish & Indie Pickup: Carnival

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Polish and Indie Pickup are back! The August 2019 theme is Carnival. There are so many interpretations this one word can bring. Our makes have created some great items for you!

Let’s do the quick rundown on how the whole process works and then we will gets to the goodies!

Here’s how Polish Pickup and Indie Pickup work:

First: Vote on a theme

Next: Watch as makers create based on the theme

Finally: SHOP! The first Friday – Monday of the month is shopping time! Choose from as few or as many brands as you like and shop with the convenience of flat rate shipping.


It’s been awhile since I’ve had a blog post up. For a little over a week I’ve been fighting some severe back and neck pain. I could only bare to sit in a chair for short periods of time so swatching and taking photos took priority. I’ve been able to share some of those swatches with you on instagram so you can catch up on anything missing from my blog there.

Let’s get into the Polish and Indie Pickup offerings! All information including pricing and caps will be marked with each item.

Release Information: Polish and Indie Pickup sale starts Friday, August 2nd at 11:00 am eastern time and ends Monday, August 5th at 11:59 pm eastern time. Shop your heart out on the joint website! Pricing and caps will be marked with each item.

Stella Chroma

“Spin Me Round”

Price: $12
Cap: None

Inspired by my all time favorite carnival ride, The Gravitron! Who else would get on this ride and flip upside down then sit up while the room was spinning around you? Spin Me Round will give you the same childhood feeling. This is a multichrome polish that shifts silver, green and purple with an assortment of ucc flakies. Shown in two coats and naturally dries to a shiny finish without top coat.

Art Products
Hit the Bottle: Roseglow Gold and Make Mine a Mudslide stamping polish
What’s Up Nails: B021 stamping plate

“Deep Fried Twinkie”
Sugar Scrub

Price: $6
Cap: None

Carnivals are famous for frying things. After the funnel cake, carnivals are synonymous with the deep fried Twinkie. Let the sweet, creamy vanilla with touch of sugar aroma soften and condition your skin and sorry not sorry for the food cravings you’re gonna have.


“Mirror Mirror in the Stall”

Price: $10
Cap: None

Inspired by the paper framed mirrors you could get from the stalls at the fair in the 80s and 90s. Mirror Mirror in the Stall is a silvery polish jammed packed with micro holographic flakies and gold to pink to green aurora shimmer that pops in low lights. Shown in two coats and dries to a metallic finish without top coat.

Art Products
Moyra: 05 Stamping plate
Twinkled T: Vibin and Lit stamping polish

Sassy Sauce Polish

“Carnival Balls”

Price: $12.75
Cap: 300 bottles

The Rio Carnival balls are some of the most extravagant events and although not mandatory, many dress up in costumes. Carnival Balls is a violet thermal that fades to clear when warm filled with aurora shimmer, ultra chrome and several types of crystal flakies with a pink, blue and green shift. Shown in two coats and dries to a matte finish without topcoat.

Art Products
Sassy Sauce Polish: Gold and Carbon Stamping Sauce
Lesly: Set 1 stamping plate

Static Lacquer

“Off to Neverland”

Price: $12
Cap: 75 bottles on the US site / 25 bottles on the UK site

Inspired by a photo Stacy took of a swing ride at the San Diego Fair. Turns out this swing ride was also at Michael Jackson’s Neverland Ranch. Off to Neverland is a neon watermelon with holographic flakies, orange to pink to gold crystal flakies and a green shimmer. Shown in two coats and dries to a satin finish without top coat. The brush macro flared more to the pink side but the color is more of a red pink like shown in the other photos.

Art Products
Static Lacquer: Primary Black creme polish
Lina Nail Art Supplies: Feeling Shapely 09

“Off to Neverland”
Large Magnet

Price: $4.50
Cap: 30 magnets on the US site / 10 magnets on the UK site

You may be familiar with Stacy’s mini magnet sets. This month IPU features a large magnet that is about 1” in diameter painted in this month’s PPU shade. Shown next to one of the mini magnets so you can get an idea of the size difference.

Pretty Beautiful Unlimited

“Fluff ‘n Stuff”

Price: $13
Cap: 180 bottles on the US site / 20 bottles on the UK site

Inspired by cotton candy ice cream, Fluff ‘n Stuff is a medium blue scattered holographic with silver holographic microglitters, three types of crystal chameleon flakies and a big dose of aurora shimmer. Shown in two coats and dries to a metallic finish without top coat.

Art Products
Maniology: Rose Garden stamping polish and BM-XL214 stamping plate

“Fluff ‘n Cream”
Matte Top Coat

Price: $7
Cap: 210 bottles on the US site / 30 bottles on the UK site

Keeping with the cotton candy ice cream theme, for IPU Virginia has a matte top coat in the scent Fluff ‘n Cream. This is a mix of bubble gum, cotton candy, juicy pears and apples with sugar candied lemon drops and crushed Madagascar vanilla. A sweet but soft scent just like the carnival.

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