I am available to swatch for you! If you have any swatch inquiries this information will be helpful to you.

Turn Around Times (TAT)

*Days are in Business Day which are Monday-Friday excluding holidays.
*TAT is subject to change depending on release date of collection and/or when packages are received.

1-4 Polishes – 2 days
5-9 Polishes – 5 days or less
10+ Polishes – 8-10 days or less
(If you need a shorter TAT that can be arranged.)

What Do You Get?

All colors in a collection will receive a detailed blog post that includes the following:

Glossy Full Hand (4 Fingers) Photo
Matte Full Hand (4 Fingers) Photo
Glossy Macro (Single Finger) Photo
Matte macro (Single Finger) Photo
Glossy Nail Art Full Hand (4 Fingers) Photo
Matte Nail Art Full Hand (4 Fingers) Photo
Brush Macro Photo
Bottle Macro Photo
Thermals will receive additional transition photos.
Magnetics are shown magnetized unless otherwise requested.
YouTube Live Swatch videos will be made as time permits or if requested.
Photos will be emailed to you, the maker, to use as needed. Please do not remove watermarks and give credit when sharing.

Where Do I Share?

Aloominous Blog
You can visit my Linktree for links to all social media platforms

I like to communicate with my makers so they always know what is going on with their swatch package. If I have any questions or issues I will email/private message. If you have any issues or questions please feel free to email/private message me at anytime! You can also visit the Contact Me page and fill out the quick and easy form.