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Static Lacquer – October Polish Pickup

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The theme for this October’s Polish Pickup is Villains. There are many ways you can pick a villain. Stacy chose a classic villain as her inspiration. We’re going to J. R. R. Tolkien’s world of Lord of the Rings! The Lord of Morgul, the Lord of the Nazgûl is one of the chief servants of major baddie Sauron. His famous line “You fool, no man can kill me.” is the quote that gives this polish it’s name. Stacy has made a deep dark polish worthy of it’s inspiration.

How many of you have read the Lord of the Rings books or has seen all the movies? Even though the series was turned into a major motion picture series, for me it will always been connected to books. The inspiration photo is taken from the movie but I also wanted to connect the books to the polish so I pulled my love of books into the nail art. Before we jump into the details and swatch photos, let’s take at look at the photo that inspired No Man Can Kill Me.

Bluebird Lacquer – August Polish Pickup

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Bluebird Lacquer is also participating in the August Musical theme Polish Pickup! I know you’ve been anxiously waiting to see this polish and I promise I won’t keep you too long before you get to see it. Lou’s inspo is a classic and you’re going to love it. But first let’s do another quick rundown on how Polish Pickup works.

How it works!

Every month a theme is voted on. Then, participating makers, get to work on their inspiration and creations.  While dropping little teasers for us to drool over! The first Friday – Monday of every month is shopping time. Choose from as few or as many brands as you like and shop with the convenience of flat rate shipping.


Lou’s inspiration is My Fair Lady! I’m pretty sure we all walked around saying “the rain in Spain falls mainly on the plain” in our best cockney accent and then finally learning how to speak like a proper lady. I’m not a huge musical fan but I remember watching this with my husband enjoying a good laugh.

Isn’t She Loverly applies like a dream! It’s also so perfectly pigmented it can easily be a one coat polish. The sparkles in this polish catch your eye in every angle and there is always something different to see with the holo, flakies and even a little faux up pigment. It’s a flawless pink that is bright but dusty enough to balance on the skin.

Release Information: Available Friday, August 3rd at 11am Eastern – Monday, August 6th at 11:59pm Eastern on the beautifully redesigned Polish Pickup website . Pricing and cap are marked with the swatches.

Mace Polish – July Polish Pickup Rewind

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As you know the lovely ladies over at Polish Pickup headquarters are taking a much needed and well earned vacation. For the month of July makers are bringing back their most asked for color from previous months. Mace Polish is bringing back their contribution from the January Crystals and Gemstones theme. You already remember which one it is don’t you?! That’s right Starlight Starbright is returning and it is available all month long.

The inspiration behind the polish is the Boulder Opal which is a unique stone found in Queensland, Australia. It’s unique appearance is credited to a mixture of opal and host rock, generally ironstone. Boulder opals are mined from large ironstone boulders under the ground. The colorful opal forms in the cracks of the boulders and because of their thinness the ironstone is left on the back of the opal to make a full sized stone. These beautiful stones can be found in any color of the spectrum. So, let’s take a look at which stones inspired Stacy.