KBShimmer: Pretty Revenge Duo

*Press Sample

KBShimmer is releasing a duo based of off a new novel. Pretty Revenge is written by Emily Liebert, a USA Today bestselling author. Check out the Pretty Revenge Duo and read a little about the book. Don’t worry, there’s no spoilers!


“Senseless revenge will whip its neck and snap you on the bottom”. Wise words Kerrie heard from her nana. How far would you go to get revenge?? Eighteen years after being wronged, Kerrie finds herself in a position to finally get what is owed to her.

Reading is one of my all time favorite things to do. I often have multiple books downloaded on my tablet to read, squeezing in a few pages whenever I get the chance. It had been a while since I actually held a book, flipping pages and having the excitement of knowing I was getting towards the end to find out the answers to all my questions. Pretty Revenge is a juicy story with many twists to keep you entertained. Although the book is not very long, the story is enjoyable and not rushed. It is the perfect book for your poolside summer reading.

The Pretty Revenge Duo colors are inspired by the two main characters of the book, Kerrie and Jordana. The colors perfectly match each character. As expected from KBShimmer, the formula is flawless and the bling is strong! Tell me, are you a Kerrie or a Jordana?

Release Information: The Pretty Revenge Duo will be available on the KBShimmer website on Tuesday July 2nd and will be priced at $20. Emily Liebert will be releasing the book Pretty Revenge on the same day so make sure you grab a copy too.


Wealthy, glamourous, and ultra sophisticated, Jordana’s nail polish could be no different. This ultra glitzy silver holographic glitter bomb will have your nails shining like a diamond. Two coats with brush application gives you full coverage, no sponge needed. The polish dries smooth and to a satin finish before applying a top coat.

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KBShimmer: Kerrie and Eclipse
MoYou London: Trend Hunter 10 stamping plate


Feeling bold and dangerous? Kerrie is the perfect color. Nothing says revenge like a deep red shimmering polish. Wonderfully opaque in two coats and naturally a satin finish.

Art Products
KBShimmer: Jordana and Eclipse
Maniology: M014 stamping plate