Wildflower Lacquer: Water Liberlily – July 2019 Flower of the Month

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It’s so hard to believe that the year it already halfway over. We’ve already had six months of Wildflower Lacquer’s Flower of the Month! Also known as the birth flower, the seventh color for July is inspired by water lilies. Let’s take a look at Water Liberlily and read about its inspiration and the meaning behind the flower.


Water lilies are deep water plants found in bodies of water around the world, including water gardens. There are many varieties of water lilies that can flourish in cold or tropical weathers. Featuring a single bloom with many petals, the flower floats above the water while its roots are buried deep into the soil below. These fragrant flowers are usually red, pink, white, yellow and sometimes even blue.

Many times the water lily is confused for the lotus flower. Water lilies have sharp pointed petals with green leaves that flower on the surface of the water. Whereas lotus flowers have rounded shaped petals and leaves that rise out of the water.

The scientific name of water lilies, nymphaeaceae, gets it name from the Greek word nymph. According the Greek mythology it means a feminine spirit that inhabited water bodies like wells, waterways, and springs. Depending on the culture the water lily has different symbolic meanings. For example, in Egypt it means unity and symbolized the cycle of life; in Buddhism it means enlightenment, love and purity; in Hinduism it means resurrection and purity. Other meanings also include chastity and purity of heart, eloquence or gracefulness and estranged love.

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Release Information: Water Liberlily will be available starting July 9th on the Wildflower Lacquer website. During the month of July the price will be set at $8.50, once the month ends the price will rise to $10.

Water Liberlily

This bright light pink has red to gold shifting aurora shimmer, crystal chameleon flakies that shift gold to copper to green and scattered holographic flakies. Dries to a satin finish without top coat. Even though this is a jelly base two coats covered my nail line. The bottle and brush macros post show up more hot pink but the color on the nail is accurate. This pink has more of a rosey tint than hot pink.

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