Sassy Sauce Polish: June 2019 Collection

*Press Sample

I feel like this month’s Sassy Sauce Polish release was made just for me! The June 2019 Collection is small but very mighty and there is a definitely theme to this month’s release.


The June 2019 Collection features three polish and we are celebrating the color purple. You know all you need to do is mention purple and I’m happy.

My Favorite: Violet Venom

Release Information: You can grab the June 2019 on the Sassy Sauce Polish website on Saturday June 29th at 11am central time. Each polish is individually priced at $11 or purchase them together for a discounted price of $30. Saturday is also the last day to pick up the Blurple-Winkle Facebook group custom. You can click this link to take you to my blog post to see If the Shoe Fits …

Infinite Illusion

Now when you read this description you’re going to say “Arin, this doesn’t say anything about purple” and you’re right. Infinite Illusion is a thermal polish that is smokey grey when cold that fade to clear when warm with aurora shimmer and crystal flakies. The aurora shimmer on top of the smokey grey gives it a purpley vibe. I didn’t think my nail art through to show the transition well but if you look on the ring and middle fingers you can see the different colors peaking out. Two coats provide full opacity and the polish dries to a matte finish without top coat.

Art Products
Sassy Sauce Polish: Ruby, Platinum and Carbon Stamping Sauce
What’s Up Nails: B044 stamping plate

Violet Venom

Made for the creme lovers this is a violet creme polish that has wonderful opacity. Easily a one coat naturally glossy beauty but shown in two coats. The glossy macro leans a little more to the blue side and the brush macro is a little on the light side, lighting plays beautifully with this polish. The saying violets are blue definitely can apply to Violet Venom under certain lights.

Art Products
Sassy Sauce Polish: Rebel Renegade on pointer and pinky Carbon along with Carbon and Scrambled Stamping Sauce
Creative Shop: 73 stamping plate

Rebel Renegade

This jelly polish is a gorgeous shade of purple with added shimmer and crystal opal-esque flakies. Even though this is a jelly polish you only need two coats for opacity and it dries to a satin finish without top coat.

Art Products
Sassy Sauce Polish: Marshmallow Stamping Sauce
JQ-23 stamping plate