Sassy Sauce Polish: May 2019 Collection

*Press Sample

The Sassy Sauce Polish May 2019 Collection has everything you need to have some fun in the sun. From bright colors to colors that sparkle in the light, let’s jump in and take a look at these beauties.


Bright colors just bring out my joy. The May 2019 Collection definitely will bring out joy! These bright colors have an inner glow and there’s even some holo and flakie goodness too.

My Favorite: Radioactive!

Release Information: Available Saturday, May 18th at 11 am central time. Each polish is priced at $11 or you can buy the complete set for $50. Visit the Sassy Sauce Polish website.


This neon green has some added glow with a strong blue shift and crystal rainbow flakies. This makes me think of whatever liquid is in toxic canisters that made the Ninja Turtles mutant. LOL! The name Radioactive is just perfect. Two coats to cover your nail line and dries to a a duller finish.

Art Products
Twinkled T: Glow Up stamping polish
Hit the Bottle: Navy Jones Locker stamping polish
Ejuibas: EJB-X13 stamping plate

Battle Beautifully

The sister to For the Queen, Battle Beautifully is a magenta creme that is a two coat glossy finish polish.

Art Products
Hit the Bottle: Prismatic Purple stamping polish
UberChic Beauty: 1-01 stamping plate

Cayanne Blaze

Holographic pigment and duochrome flakies gives this milk chocolate/golden multichrome some added bling! Amazing coverage with one coat but shown in two coats, dries to a glossy finish.

Art Products
Maniology: Restless Dahlia stamping polish and BM-S171 stamping plate

The Summer Sun’s Calling my Name

Yellow is getting some love! A vibrant shimmery canary yellow with aurora pigment and crystal color shifting flakies. With this lighter color you will need three coats to cover darker nail lines and a glossy top coat to cover the satin finish. The bottle and brush macro photo a bit lighter than the color on the nail. It’s definitely a bright stunner.

Art Products
Sassy Sauce Polish: Copper and Ruby stamping sauce
Hit the Bottle: Make Mine a Mudslide stamping polish
Maniology: BM-S173 stamping plate


Magenta, copper and gold multichrome with aurora pigment and three types of chrome shifting flakies make this polish pop! The color is opaque in two coats and dries to a shiny finish.

Art Products
Maniology: Teardrop stamping polish
Creative Shop: 73 stamping plate