KBShimmer: Suns Out Tri-Thermal Collection

*Press Sample

The KBShimmer release this month is one of the funnest collections I’ve had the privilege of swatching. The Suns Out Collection features nine polishes that are all tri-thermals with aurora shimmer. Perfect timing to liven up the rising temperatures!


The Suns Out Collection is an absolute dream! Application is flawless and the formula is great. Each polish has a unique set of colors for transitioning. You all know how much trouble I have sometimes with thermal polish. So I went the extra mile to make sure I could show you each and every color in the bottle. It goes without saying my kids thought I was a little strange for having my hand wrapped in a heating pad multiple times a day. That being said, I wore a couple of the colors overnight and to my pleasant surprise I was able to get transitions naturally.

*Please note, bottle and brush macros are taken at various stages of warmth so color depends on which stage of transition it’s caught.

My Favorite: My first thought would be to jump for my normal color range which would be, Just Glow With It. But I truly fell in love with the uniqueness and diverse colors of Best Buds.

Release Information: The Suns Out Collection release on Friday, May 10th at 10:00 am eastern time on the KBShimmer website. Colors will be priced at $11 each.

Aloe There

Starting as a rich forest green accented with orange/red to green aurora shimmer transforms to a Kelly green all the way to a lime green as it warms. Two coats covers your nail line, drying to a dull almost matte finish be sure to grape that glossy top coat!

Art Products
Hit the Bottle: Make Mine a Mudslide and Calypso Gold stamping polish
Ejiubas: EJB-X02

That’s S’more Like It

A reddy milk chocolate brown complemented with gold to green aurora shimmers that’s gives way to to a fiery red and light orchid as your hand warms. Another two coat polish that requires a glossy top coat.

Art Products
Twinkled T: Friyay stamping polish
Maniology: BM-XL115 stamping plate

Aft Backwards

This midnight blue warms to grape to hot pink and has a bright indigo shimmer. You guessed it, another two coat polish that requires glossy top coat.

Art Products
Twinkled T: Lit stamping polish
Lina Nail Art Supplies: Make Your Mark 01 stamping plate

Just Glow With It

My go-to summer colors all in one polish! Starting with an almost neon red that warms to a bright corally orange into a vivid bright pink highlighted with classic copper, orange, green aurora pigment. Due to the bright colors it’s harder for the camera to pick up the transition but they’ve very defined in person. Two coat full coverage and needs a glossy top coat.

Art Products
Hit the Bottle: Navy Jones Locker stamping polish
Moyra: 73 stamping plate

Pool Shark

Soft pink to green to gold aurora shimmer partners this deep slate blue that warms to a deep periwinkle and into a bright light blue. Two coats and glossy top coat needed.

Art Products
Sassy Sauce Polish: Copper Stamping Sauce
Ejiubas: laublm stamping plate

Grow With the Flow

Grape purple accented with a soft pink to golden green aurora shimmer evolves to a periwinkle to a robin’s egg blue when warming. Two coats and glossy top coat!

Art Products
Fancy Gloss: Flamingo and Evergreen creme polish
Ejiubas: EJB-X01 stamping plate

Slay La Vie

Cool magenta that warms to rose to hot pink with a gorgeous contrasting indigo aurora shimmer. Just like the rest, two coats and with a naturally drying almost matte polish.

Art Products
Sassy Sauce Polish: Scrambled Stamping Sauce
Ejiubas: EJB-X03 stamping plate

Reel Good Time

Burgundy leaning eggplant progresses to purple indigo to a soft orchid pink accented with coppery red to gold aurora shimmer. Two coats for opacity and also dries to an almost matte like finish.

Art Products
Sassy Sauce Polish: Slate Stamping Sauce
Ejiubas: EJB-X01 stamping plate

Best Buds

Denim blue that warms to a deep orchid that brightens to a mint lime with a complementing copper orange to green classic aurora shimmer. Ending the broken record of two coats for full coverage and drying to an almost matte like finish needing a glossy top coat.

Art Products
Hit the Bottle: Calypso Gold
UberChic Beauty: 1-02 stamping plate