Static Lacquer: Poppy Reserve California Lovin’ Indies Box

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It’s time for the next California Lovin’ Indies box! This month the guest maker is Phoebe Moon with Moon Shine Mani. While discussing inspiration options, Stacey and Phoebe discovered they both lived in the same area, albeit at different times. The Antelope Valley California Poppy Reserve California Lovin’ Indies box was born.


The Antelope Valley California Poppy Reserve is a state park located in the western Mojave Desert. Of course the poppy is one of the many wildflowers that bloom throughout the spring. This is actually the perfect time for this theme box! Currently the poppies are in full bloom giving off their gorgeous red (sometimes orange or yellow) glow.

There are over 120 species of poppy plants and the Reserve harbors the most consistent blooming fields. It just so happens that the California state flower is, you guessed it, the poppy. The best time to visit the park is in the mid-morning to early afternoon because poppies open during the day but by late afternoon, evening they curl up and close.

The cornfield poppy is the most common poppy flower. It also happens to be my one of my all time favorite flowers even if it is considered a weed. How could a flower this beautiful be a weed? Regardless of it’s weed classification it’s the perfect inspiration for some gorgeous polish.

Release Information: Available for pre-order on the Static Lacquer website from Friday, April 19th at 8:00am pst through Monday, April 22nd at 11:59pm pst. Each box is $22 plus shipping and includes both polishes, a holographic vinyl sticker and a set of mini magnets.

Moon Shine Mani:
Antelope Valley Gold

Poppy orange filled with gold shimmer, orange to yellow to green iridescent flakies and red to bronze to copper multichrome flakies. Can you say WOW!! Opaque in 3 coats while drying to a metallic finish.

Art Products
Static Lacquer: Primary Black creme polish
Ejiubas: laublm stamping plate

Static Lacquer:
Poppy Fields Forever

Capturing the array of colors poppy flowers come in, Poppy Fields Forever is a white crelly with orange and green holographic glitters. Fully opaque in two coats while drying to a satin finish without top coat.

Art Products
Static Lacquer: Primary Black, Red, White and Yellow creme polish
Moon Shine Mani: Antelope Valley Gold

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