Wildflower Lacquer: April 2019 Flower of the Month

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Another month has already flown by and we’re ringing in the month of April. The April 2019 Flower of the Month is the daisy, a delicate flower which has a lot of different meanings. Let’s get into some of the meaning and see those swatches for Dainty Daisies.


Have you ever heard the term “fresh as a daisy”? Due to the daisy closing its petals over its center at night and reopening in the morning, the term was coined as having a goodnight’s sleep. It’s been a while for me to use that phrase but maybe one day!

Daisies are a composite flower; one flower made out of two. An inner section called the disc floret and an outer section called the ray floret. Because they blend so perfectly together the daisy symbolizes true love. Other symbolic meanings are childbirth, motherhood, innocence, purity, chastity and transformation/new beginnings.

While being a common addition to salads, daisies can also be used for medicinal purposes. As a tea, wild daisies have been used to treat coughs, bronchitis and inflammation. Wild daisies have also been used topically on the skin to heal wounds and cure diseases.

There are many flowers that are in the daisy family! Asteraceae or Compositae flowers include sunflowers, dahlia, chrysanthemum, marigolds and even dandelions to name a few.

Release Information: Dainty Daisies will be available starting April 1st on the Wildflower Lacquer website. During the month of April the price will be set at $8.50. After the end of the month the price will rise to $10 along with all the previously released Flower of the Months.

Inspiration photo

Dainty Daisies

A soft dainty lavender scattered holographic crelly polish with purple and gold sparks and ucc flakies that shift purple to gold. Shown in three coats to bring the color to opacity to cover the nail line and drying to a satin finish without top coat. This would also be beautiful as single coat topper over a soft lavender creme base!

Art Products
Ejiubas: EJB-X13 stamping plate
Twinkled T: So Extra stamping polish
Music City Beauty: White Lightning creme polish