Atomic Polish: New Brand Alert!

*Press Sample

There’s a new brand in town! Atomic Polish is a new brand by Stacey Matern who has created a whole catalog of colors based off of her love of science. The colors I’ll be reviewing for you are based on The Periodic Table.

So let’s meet Atomic Polish!


First, I just want to apologize for getting this post up late. My middle son had a horrible accident over the weekend, although he is ok, I’ve never been so scared in my life. I’ve been spending all my time taking care of him and giving him extra loving. I won’t scare you with the details or stay on this long, my heart still skips when I think about the what ifs so lets move on to the polish!

Stacey has been running an Etsy shop since 2017 focusing on glitter drinkware. Looking for other options to use all of her glitters, she stumbled across nail polish and hasn’t looked back. After spending months perfecting her formula and choosing colors Atomic Polish has launched to the public.

As the name suggests, Atom Polish, is inspired by Stacey’s love of science. Stacey holds a BSc in Biochemistry so it’s only fitting that her brand reflects her close relationship with chemistry and biology.

Stacey has a large inventory of colors available and I’ll be showing you six colors based off of The Periodic Table. I had no issues with formula or application.

My Favorite: “Zr” Zirconium! There’s something about the Robin’s egg blue with the gold that is perfect.

Release Information: All colors are available now on the Atom Polish Etsy store website. Pricing will be listed along with each polish description.

“Li” Lithium

Price: $11

The first color I’m sharing with you is “Li” aka Lithium. A hot pink crelly polish with assorted metallic gold flakies that is ready to go to the beach! At least, that’s what I think of when I see this color, it’s the perfect fun in the sun shade with a dash of bling from the flakies. Shown in two coats and dries to a satin finish without any top coat. I see this being on my toes a lot this summer. *Not the brush and bottle macros freaked out my camera, the color on the nails is color accurate*

Art Products
Twinkled T: So Extra stamping polish
UberChic Beauty: Love & Marriage 03 stamping plate

“Cd” Cadmium

Price: $11

We’re going all the way to the other side of the shade with “Cd” aka Cadmium, a soft baby pink crelly with assorted metallic gold flakies. Unlike the brightness of “Li” this color is so soft and delicate. Whenever I look at it, it makes me think of strawberry cheesecake ice cream. Also shown in two coats and dries to a satin finish without top coat.

Art Products
Atomic Polish: “C” Carbon creme polish
Pueen Cosmetics: Nail Party 01 stamping plate

“Zr” Zirconium

Price: $11

My personal favorite from the colors I swatched is “Zr” aka Zirconium. This Robin’s egg blue crelly also features assorted metallic gold flakies and is opaque in two coats. There’s just something about the gold popping on the soft blue that kept me loving this polish, especially once I added some simple nail art. *Note the brush and bottle macros look a little washed out in the photos, the color on the nails is color accurate*

Art Products
Hit the Bottle: Roseglow Gold stamping polish
Dixie Plates: Marbled 01 stamping plate

“C” Carbon

Price: $10

A solid black polish is a staple to every brand. “C” aka Carbon is a black creme polish that is opaque in two coats and dries to a satin finish. Although it is not strongly pigmented this creme can be used to stamp lighter colors like the above nail art over “Cd”.

Art Products
Tonic: Phoenix Parade multichrome polish
MoYou London: Tropical Collection 06 stamping plate

“Se” Selenium

Price: $12

Toppers are growing in my personal collection. I’ve started to love how you can change a polish with so little effort into something new and exciting. “Se” aka Selenium is a multichrome flakie topper that shifts blue, green, gold and red. To give you an idea on the versatility of the topper you’ll be seeing it in a few different applications, brushed, sponged and as a topper over black.

“Ra” Radium

Price: $12

“Ra” aka Radium is the second multichrome flakie topper that shifts from violet to green. Just like “Se” I will show you the different applications of brushed, sponged and as a topper over black.