Quixotic Polish: 2nd Anniversary Duo

*Press Sample

Can you believe Quixotic is already celebrating their 2nd Anniversary? The memory is so clear in my mind. I was so excited to put in my first order because the colors grabbed me. Mary came running out of the gate making colors that are not only sparkly but also unique, which hasn’t changed over time! I’m thrilled I have the privileged to swatch for Mary and the opportunity to share Quixotic with you. So, without further adieu, let’s take a look at the 2nd Anniversary Duo.


The 2nd Anniversary Duo features two multichrome magnetic polishes that are so much fun. Magnetics give you two looks in one bottle because you can wear it magnetized or non-magnetized, both ways giving you a gorgeous manicure. No issues to report with the formula or application.

Also featured in the blog is the March Color of the Month polish. Just like with the 2nd Anniversary Duo, there are no issues to report with formula or application.

Release Information: All 3 colors are available now on the Quixotic website. The 2nd Anniversary Duo is sold as a set for $20 or individually for $11 each and the March Color of the Month is available all month long and is priced at $10.


French for firefly, Luciole, is a purple/red multichrome with teal/purple/blue magnetic flakies. Edging out, just a little, to become my favorite of the duo. Luciole combines my two favorite colors: purple & teal. The teal pops over the purple without being magnetized but when magnetized that teal stripe is glorious! Amazing coverage with one coat drying to a metallic finish as shown in the first set of swatch photos but shown in two coats for the magnetic effect.

Art Products
Clear Jelly Stamper: CJSLC-13 stamping plate
Music City Beauty: White Lightnin creme polish
Fancy Gloss: Iris and Flamingo creme polish


French for dragonfly, Libelulle, features a green base with green/blue/purple multichrome magnetic pigment paired with green iridescent flakies. Get a look at that magnetic effect! It amazes me how much the magnetic effect changes the look of this polish. It’s beautiful both ways but there is something about the magnetized that makes it my favorite way to wear the polish. The color changing effect is truly beautiful, one moment an emerald green, to a soft blue or delicate purple. Also having full coverage with one coat and drying to a metallic finish as shown in the first set of photos. Two coats are shown for the magnetic effect.

Art Products
Lina Nail Art Supplies: Twirls & Swirls 01
Hit the Bottle: Roseglow Gold stamping polish

March Color of the Month

A deep blackened green jelly with green/blue color shifting iridescent flakies and microflakies, Shamrock Shimmy is perfect for pond manicures having a sheer jelly texture, I even tried it out for the nail art. You will have flakie fever with this deep emerald green beauty, needing three coats to reach opacity and dries to a shiny finish.

Art Products
Clear Jelly Stamper: CJS-34
Music City Beauty: Black Velvet and White Lightnin’ creme polish
Ever After: Picklesworth
Hit the Bottle: Calypso Gold