Leesha’s Lacquer: Turtle Mountain – January 2019 Polish Pickup

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We’re continuing with the reveals for Polish Pickup. There’s another new to the blog brand I’m sharing today and it’s Leesha’s Lacquer!

In case you forgot, the theme for January’s Polish Pickup is Mythology. Alicia has made a gorgeous polish based on the story by the Ojibwae.

Let’s take a look at Turtle Mountain.


The story of creation by the Ojibwae goes a little something like this. A long time ago Kitchi Manitou, the great spirit, joined together with the Sky Woman. When she became pregnant, Kitchi Manitou disappears. So, the Sky Woman came down from the moon to the Earth to prepare a home. The Water Manitou’s were enraged that Kitchi Manitou’s children would be on the Earth and could possibly take away some of their powers. So they flooded the Earth.

The Sky Woman flees back to the moon but would not be defeated. She recruits some animals that can swim. She tells them that she has the power to recreate and she can recreate the world with their help. All she needed was one of them to dive deep enough to bring up some of the original soil to serve as a seed.

After many animals tried, the muskrat was found clinching his small paws full of soil, even though he had drowned. The Sky Woman now had everything she needed to make a home for children and to show her appreciation she breathed the life back into the muskrat.

The Sky Woman then took the soil and breathed into it all the things needed for nourishment, teaching, shelter and incentive then rubbed it around and around on the turtle’s back and the Earth was recreated. Finally, the Sky woman was able to give birth.

Alicia drew this amazing photo and used it the color palette as her inspiration for the polish.

Release Information: Turtle Mountain will be available on the Polish Pickup website from Friday, January 4th at 11am eastern through Monday, January 7th at 11:59pm eastern. Pricing is $12 and there is no cap.

Turtle Mountain

Turtle Mountain is a navy multichrome that shifts green to blue to purple and is packed with green/bronze and bright purple flakies. Application is a dream, taking only two coats for full opacity and dries to a semi-gloss finish without top coat.

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