Wildflower Lacquer: January 2019 Flower of the Month

*Press Sample

Wildflower Lacquer is not a new to me brand but is being featured for the first time on my blog!

Starting off the new year, Taylor will be releasing a color of the month inspired by birth flowers. This is a really fun twist on the usual birth stones. I can’t wait to share with you, all the wildflowers to come!


January’s Flower of the Month is the Carnation. Carnations date back over 2,000 years. They are found in a variety of colors and each color has a different meaning. Blue carnations however don’t share the same history because they don’t occur naturally in the wild. They first appeared when people would dip white carnations into food coloring. In 1997, Australian scientists generically engineered the first blue carnation.

Blue flowers are often used to symbolize peace, truth, spirituality and tranquility. Blue carnations are very popular in weddings due to their symbolism of truth serving as a reminder of true love and devotion.

Carnations in Bloom applies smoothly and beautifully. There are no issues with the formula.

Release Information: January’s Flower of the Month will be available on the Wildflower Lacquer website starting Sunday, December 30th at 7pm central time. It will be available the whole month for $8.50. After the end of the January, Carnations in Bloom will still be available for $10.

Carnations in Bloom

Carnations in Bloom is a blue linear holographic polish with purple shimmer and ucc flakies that shift purple, blue and green with scattered silver flakies. The polish is perfectly opaque and dries to a shiny finish.
The ucc flakies make me think of the colors you see carnations appear naturally. I would describe the blue base as a light denim blue which is the perfect base for nature themed nail art.
This blue made me so happy!

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