Pretty Beautiful Unlimited – September Holo-maniacs Group Custom

*Press Sample

Holo-maniacs is a Facebook Group for for lovers of, you guessed it, holo! If you love holographic polish you are probably already in the group. If you love holo and have just heard of the group for the first time, run over now and join! Here’s the link so you don’t have to search.

Group customs are always fun. A lot of the time the makers let the fans pick and vote on inspiration pics. Here is the winning photo Virginia with Pretty Beautiful Unlimited used to create this gorgeous polish.




There are no issues to report with formula or application. I’m always amazed to see how makers transform an inspiration picture into a polish. Virginia nails this one, there’s no doubt the above photo was the inspiration.

Release Information: You can purchase the group custom on the Pretty Beautiful Unlimited website through September 30th. You will need to be a member of the Holo-maniacs Facebook group in order to get the discount code to drop the price to $11.


This army green holographic polish has aurora pigment that shifts purple/copper/green and two types of crystal chameleon flakies. It’s a deep olive, mossy green that is the perfect green for fall. Unbe-Leafable dries to a shiny finish and has perfect coverage. My only complaint … it rained all day! I couldn’t take this beauty outside to see the holo in its sun shining glory! But that gives me the perfect excuse to take this baby out for another spin. There is just something special about seeing a holo when the sun hits it just right. If it rains all day by you, you still will not be disappointed. It is also a stunning polish in indoor lighting. And I know you’re tired of me talking so let’s get to the photos.
Shown in 2 coats

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