Sassy Sauce Polish – June 2018 Collection

*Press Sample

How many of you went to Polish Con over the weekend? If you did I’m so jealous! I wasn’t able to go but I had a few friends that got to enjoy the show and they told me they had a blast. I could definitely tell from the photos that a good time was had by all that attended.

Sassy Sauce Polish has a nine piece collection releasing this month featuring three new stamping sauces, three colors from the Dreams Come True collection, a thermal, a shimmering holographic and a new matte top coat! There’s a lot to go over so let’s jump in!


There are no issues to report with formula or application. The magnetics are easily magnetized and you can get that beautiful magnetic effect. The thermal is tons of fun and reactive to the smallest temp change. All stamping sauces pick up beautifully and crisp, Scrambled looks great over Carbon and Marshmallow. For my nail art swatches, I only used the three colors being released in this collection.

My Favorite: This is a tough one. I think I’m tied between Across the Universe for it’s deep dark holographic black hole look and Gypsy Diva for it’s bam in your face holo!

Release Information: Saturday, June 23rd at 10am central time at Sassy Sauce Polish. The full nine piece collection is available for $69 and includes a magnet and free shipping, individual pricing will be listed with each swatch.

June 2018 Collection

First’s let’s go over the new top coat:

If you’re familiar with Shiny Top Sauce you know you’re in for a treat with Carrie’s matte top coat. It applies smooth and gives a gorgeous matte finish with no shrinking. All swatch photos are using Shiny Top Sauce and all matte photos are using Matte Top Sauce.

Matte Top Sauce

Price: $6


Razberry Lemonade

a mauve when cold / yellow when warm thermal with aurora shimmer, rose gold and duochrome shifting flakies
Shown in 2 coats
Price: $10.00



Gypsy Diva

a holographic polish with lavender shimmer and multiple duoshifting flakies
Shown in 2 coats
Price: $10.00


Stamping Sauce Trio
Price: $21 for the trio or $7.50 individually

Carbon Stamping Sauce

a black creme polish made for stamping and perfect as a one coat polish
Shown in 1 coat / stamped over Marshmallow


Marshmallow Stamping Sauce

a white creme polish made for stamping and perfect for a one coat polish
Shown in 1 coat / stamped over Carbon


Scrambled Stamping Sauce

a bright yellow creme polish made for stamping and perfect as a one coat polish
Shown in 1 coat / stamped over Marshmallow and Carbon


Dreams Come True Collection
In the Facebook group Sassy Sauce Sistas, members were able to describe their dream polish. A few members had their dream come true!

It’s My Party

Dreamed by Shirley Johnson
a glittery bright pink with blue shift, silver and aurora shimmer and a sprinkling of holographic glitter.
Shown in 2 coats
Price: $9.00


Get Your Pidge-on

Dreamed by Melanie Saville
a grey base duo-shifting magnetic with green, blue and violet shift
Price: $10


Across the Universe

Dreamed by Julie Holt
a gunmetal magnetic holographic
Price: $10