Wildflower Lacquer: Kiss From a Rose – June 2019 Flower of the Month

*Press Sample

June’s flower of the month aka birth flower is the rose. June’s polish, Kiss From a Rose, is going to seriously wow you.

I won’t hold the secret long, the polish color is red. Red polish is by far my all time favorite, even though it isn’t my favorite color. To me, there is nothing more classic and striking than that of a red manicure.

So let’s read a little about the meaning of roses and see the stunning polish.


There are roses for every occasion, in every color imaginable. A bouquet of roses is meant to show gratitude, whereas a single rose is meant to strongly emphasize the meaning.

Roses carry out a meaning without the use of words. Also known as the lover’s rose, the red rose signifies enduring passion. Sounds like the making of a perfect kiss! How fitting for Kiss From a Rose to be inspired by the red rose.

Release Information: Kiss From a Rose will be available starting June 1st on the Wildflower Lacquer website. During the month of June the price will be set at $8.50, once the month ends the price will rise to $10.

Kiss From a Rose

Disclaimer: double up on that base coat because this is is a strongly pigmented red with high probability of staining!

Kiss From a Rose is a darkened red with crystal rainbow flakies and a subtle violet to gold shifting shimmer. The perfect one coat, satin metallic finish, ultra sexy red!

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