Pretty Beautiful Unlimited: Popples Make Great Pillows

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Continuing in the May 80’s themed Polish Pickup we have Popples Make Great Pillows from Pretty Beautiful Unlimited.

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If the name didn’t give it away the inspiration for this 80’s theme polish is the Popples! Popples are these multicolored marsupial teddy bears with long tails that have a fuzzy pom-pom on the end. They can roll up into their pouch and turn themselves into this fuzzy round balls. Talk about a great travel pillow! The 80’s was full of rainbow colors which crosses over to polish with a bang.

Release Information: Popples Make Great Pillows will be available from Friday May, 3rd at 11:00am through Monday, May 6th at 11:50pm eastern time on the Polish Pickup website. Priced at $10 per bottle with a cap of 110 for the US and 16 for the UK.

Popples Make Great Pillows

This thermal polish is begins as a royal blue while in it’s cool and transitions to clear when warm, filled with assorted shapes and sized neon glitters and a sprinkling of silver holographic glitter. Naturally drying to a satin almost matte like finish, Popples Make Great Pillows takes three coats to cover my nail line.

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