Wildflower Lacquer: March 2019 Flower of the Month

*Press Sample

The March 2019 Flower of the Month a.k.a Birth Flower from Wildflower Lacquer is the Daffodil. I had some fun reading about daffodils and some of the meaning behind these flowers.

A bulbous root flower planted in the fall which then blooms in the early springtime, the daffodil is the perfect flower to respect the changing of the season. I’ll be keeping my eyes peeled for these beauties so I know that the winter will soon be behind us!

Let’s jump in so we can get to those swatches!


Daffodils are known botanically as narcissus receiving their name after the same named Greek god. Narcissus was so egotistical that while staring at his own reflection in a pool of water, became so enamored that he fell in and drowned! The other gods wanted to honor his memory and so they planted daffodils all around the pool, in-turn making daffodils known as the flower of vanity.

Daffodils, also known as daffodilly or daffodowndilly, come in many colors, sizes, shapes and smells. Generally daffodils have a trumpet like flower with a star shaped petal background. In some cases the daffodil’s trumpet can be a different color than its petaled background. Taylor used the below image for her inspiration.

Release Information: Delicate Daffodils will be available starting March 1st on the Wildflower Lacquer website and will be available the whole month for $8.50. After the month ends, Delicate Daffodils, will still be available (along with all previously released Flowers of the Month) but will raise in price to $10.

Delicate Daffodils

Delicate Daffodils is a yellow jelly polish packed with rainbow chameleon flakies and gold flakies along with copper and yellow shimmer. I do recommend a good base coat or maybe two layers of base coat due to some staining. However, a little scrub using some cuticle remover with a soft bristle toothbrush took care of the staining easily and quickly. Since the polish is a jelly base you will need at least three coats for full opacity. All yellow lovers can rejoice this naturally shiny, gorgeous gold leaning yellow!! If you follow me on Instagram (if not please feel free to!) you saw Delicate Daffodils used in a Beauty and the Beast themed manicure and it was perfect to represent Belle.

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