California Lovin’ Indies: The Horsetail Fall Box

*Press Sample

California Lovin’s Indies is back with the quarterly box drawing it’s inspiration from the marvelous Horsetail Fall.

I have been dying to share this box with you! Not only are the polishes gorgeous and capture the inspiration pic perfectly but the actual inspiration itself is super awesome!

Let’s jump right in!


The Horsetail Fall is located in Yosemite National Park. A waterfall that only flows during the winter and early spring. The waterfall descends in two small streams side by side and rightfully so has become a popular spot because of it’s Firefall appearance. Horsetail Fall is visible from many viewpoints, however the Firefall is finicky. Conditions must be perfect for the effect to appear.

First, there must have been enough snowfall for the fall to flow. In fact, the sun hits the falls on the same angle in October but since the fall has long dried up from lack of snow you can’t enjoy this amazing sight.

Second, the western sky needs to be clear at sunset. If it’s cloudy the sun’s rays are block and Horsetail Fall is not able to light up. The smallest amounts of haze can disrupt it’s appearance.

If all favorable weather conditions are met, Horsetail Fall will look ablaze for about 10 minutes. And what an incredible ten minutes this is!

How cool is this picture!! I don’t know about you but this is going on my must see vacation spots. How many of you have been fortunate enough to experience this awe-inspiring event?

Joining Static Lacquer is Necessary Evil Polish. Necessary Evil is a new to me brand that has been on my try list. I can happily report that I am thrilled with my first experience. There are no issues with either formula. For nail art inspiration I decided to go for snow and hopefully help out those that will get to see the Firefall in February.

Release Information: The Horsetail Fall California Lovin’ Indies box will be available for pre-order starting Monday, January 7th at 8am pacific time through Monday, January 14th at 11:59pm pacific time on the Static Lacquer website. The box is $20 plus shipping and it includes the two polishes along with a holographic helmer decal. Since this is a pre-order, shipping will begin 2 to 3 weeks after the pre-order ends.

Static Lacquer: Only in Winter

Only in Winter is a greyish purple crelly with copper shimmer, scattered holographic flakies and gold to red ucc flakies. I see the mountains of the falls in this polish. It’s such a beautiful neutral taupe like color. The soft purple gives a beautiful balance plus those flakies are just perfect. Only in Winter is opaque in two coats and dries to a shiny finish without top coat.

Art Products
Lina Nail Art Supplies: Winter 02 stamping plate
Hit the Bottle: Calypso Gold stamping polish
Sassy Sauce Polish: Copper Stamping Sauces

Necessary Evil: Blue Skies Over Horsetails

Blue Skies Over Horsetails is a blue scattered holographic with red and green aurora shimmer with the addition of opal flakies. This is such a gorgeous polish! The opal flakies float in this crystal clear sky blue. They almost glow! Blue Skies Over Horsetails takes two coats for full opacity and it dries to a shiny finish without top coat. There’s definitely no haze to block the rays in this polish.

Art Products
Lina Nail Art Supplies: Winter 02 stamping plate
Sassy Sauce Polish: Carbon and Marshmallow Stamping Sauce