December 2018 Polish Pickup: Static Lacquer – Yggdrasil

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Polish Pickup is back for December with the Enchanted Forest theme. Static Lacquer’s inspiration is Yggdrasil. Before we get into all the details let’s do our quick refresher on how Polish Pickup works.

How it works!

First: Vote on a theme

Next: Watch as makers create based on the theme

Finally: SHOP! The first Friday – Monday of the month is shopping time! Choose from as few or as many brands as you like and shop with the convenience of flat rate shipping.


Stacy has made a gorgeous polish using Yggdrasil for inspiration. Yggdrasil is an immense mythical tree that connects the nine worlds in Norse cosmology. In the middle of Asgard lies Yggdrasil, the tree of life, an eternal green ash tree. Carried by three enormous roots with branches that stretch out over all of the nine worlds and extend up and above the heavens.

This sounds like such an unique inspiration for Enchanted Forest.

Release Information: Yggdrasil will be available from Friday, December 7th at 10am central time through Monday, December 10th at 11:59pm central time on the Polish Pickup website.  For the month of December this will be not be the standard 3 week pre-order so all inventory will be at PPU headquarters and will ship as soon as the sale ends. Due to this, the cap on Yggdrasil is at 25 bottles so don’t hesitate to make this beauty yours! Price is $12


A light green crelly with copper shimmer and pink to green ucc flakies that dries to a satin finish.  I am so over the cold, which is funny considering winter hasn’t technically started. This color makes me think of spring and blooming flowers.  Two coats brings to full opacity but I felt like I needed a third and it really brought out of the brightness of the color for me. Since I felt like spring time and to capture the Enchanted Forest theme I decided to do a floral design for the nail art. Use a red Sharpie marker I colored in a few of the flowers and used a rose gold polish to pick up the image. After applying top coat the red blended into the rose gold and made a gorgeous burnt orange color. I love it! I feel like it complements the copper shimmer perfectly.

Clear Jelly Stamper – Pixie Perfect (CjSLC-04) stamping plate
Red Sharpie Marker
Hit the Bottle – Roseglow Gold stamping polish