Static Lacquer – November Polish Pickup

*Press Sample

It’s time for Polish Pickup! This has been a very anticipated release from Static Lacquer. Last month Stacy’s creation was “No Man Can Kill Me” inspired by the Lord of Morgul. For this month’s Bad A** Women theme we have it’s counterpart, “I Am No Man”, inspired by Eowyn also from J. R. R. Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings.

Eowyn was ordered to stay behind while the rest of the men went off to war. Though Eowyn was “just a woman” she was known to be fearless and loved by all. So when aid was needed again in Mordor, Eowyn disguised herself as a man to join the battle.


Cut to the scene of the movie this polish is created for. The Lord of Morgul, who was known to be untouchable by a man, was in a battle with Eowyn. When he thought the battle was won telling her “no man can kill me” and was about to give the final blow, Eowyn (with the aid of Merry) stands and rips off her helmet revealing she is a woman! She screams “I am no man” and plunges her sword into the The Lord of Morgul. Fulfilling the prophecy that The Lord of Morgul would be defeated not by the hand of man.

Pretty awesome right!

Alright let’s get to the nitty gritty!

Release Information: I Am No Man will be available on the Polish Pickup website from Friday, November 2nd at 11:00 am eastern time through Monday, November 5th at 11:59pm eastern time. I Am No Man will be listed for $12 and there is a cap of 200 bottles.


I Am No Man

This is a pale dusty pink with flashes of blue and purple packed with holographic microflakies and ucc flakies. The polish applies perfectly! There are no issues with the flakies and even without a top coat the polish dries to a gorgeous shiny finish. The pink is soft and not overpowering, even for girls like me who aren’t pink lovers. It is a little one the sheer side and I needed to use three coats to cover my nail line. I love it in the matte finish. The flakies really stand out against the matte pale pink.

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