Static Lacquer – October Polish Pickup

*Press Sample

The theme for this October’s Polish Pickup is Villains. There are many ways you can pick a villain. Stacy chose a classic villain as her inspiration. We’re going to J. R. R. Tolkien’s world of Lord of the Rings! The Lord of Morgul, the Lord of the Nazgûl is one of the chief servants of major baddie Sauron. His famous line “You fool, no man can kill me.” is the quote that gives this polish it’s name. Stacy has made a deep dark polish worthy of it’s inspiration.

How many of you have read the Lord of the Rings books or has seen all the movies? Even though the series was turned into a major motion picture series, for me it will always been connected to books. The inspiration photo is taken from the movie but I also wanted to connect the books to the polish so I pulled my love of books into the nail art. Before we jump into the details and swatch photos, let’s take at look at the photo that inspired No Man Can Kill Me.




There are no issues to report with the application or formula of the polish. I think Stacy really captured the darkness of the photo and added some beauty to this villain.

Release Information: Friday, October 5th – Monday October 8th on the Polish Pickup website.  No Man Can Kill Me will be $12 and there is a cap of 200.


No Man Can Kill Me

This is a blackened jelly base with a ton of green shimmer, holo flakes and ucc flakes. The polish dries to a shiny finish. Since it is a jelly it does take an extra coat to bring it to full opacity. Don’t worry, holding on to this precious won’t turn you into one of the Lord of Morgul’s minions.
Shown in 3 coats

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