Pretty Beautiful Unlimited – Do You Believe in Dragons?

*Press Sample

Today I have a really cool collection to share with you. Virginia of Pretty Beautiful Unlimited is releasing an eight piece collection inspired by one of our favorite mythical creatures, dragons. The Do You Believe in Dragons Collection if filled with all the glitter, shimmer and sparkle that you would expect from a Pretty Beautiful Unlimited polish!

First we’re going to talk about one of the newer products that Virginia offers. In another post we talked about the new creamy base and matte top coat. I mentioned that there is also a sticky base coat that is now carried in the shop. Well we are going to talk about Stick’em and how this base coat will extend the life of your mani.


I wanted to give Stick’em a full-out test. What better way than to take it on vacation with you! Last week the husband and I spent the week in Florida, visiting friends and family. Halfway through the trip I did a quick mani using Fire & Ash from the Do You Believe in Dragons collection and I paired it with Stick’em base coat. This base is great! Not only did it deal with my complete lack of nail care while on vacation but it endured an all you can eat lobster dinner and all the damage I put them through breaking down dinner. I didn’t chip … one … single … nail and wore the mani till I got home and started swatching! Stick’em as works great as a sticky base for reverse stamping to pull a dried image off your stamper.

Alright, let’s move on to the Dragons!





I’m sure you’ve heard me say it before, but I’m going to say it again. Virginia is the queen when it comes to making polish that is packed with everything AND the kitchen sink with a flawless formula and application. This holds true for the Dragons. Her glitters are like glitter bombs, max glitter coverage that seem to float on the nail and what’s even better is there is none of that horrible glitter bomb clean up. Glitter clean up is no problem!

My Favorite: This right has been giving me a dilemma for the last several days. I’m not quite sure how to pick a favorite. I tried my hardest and the best I can do it name three. Jade Serpent, Punk Poet and Dragon’s Breath. They all just grab me and I’ll explain a little more with the swatches.

Release Information: You’ll be able to purchase the full collection of eight for $80 or individually for $11 each on the Pretty Beautiful Unlimited website Saturday, September 15th at 11am central time.

Dragon’s Hoard

Starting off the collection is this bright metallic yellow. Packed with 4 types of UCC flakies, gold shimmer and microglitters in silver holo, blue and gold. The UCC flakies give off a beautiful green that contrasts the yellow and adds flare. Dragon’s Hoard dries to a flat satin finish, there are no issues with formula or bringing the polish to full opacity.
Shown in 2 coats

Nail Art Products
Sassy Sauce Polish – Carbon Stamping Sauce
Maniology – BM- S107


Midnight Flight

This navy blue base is loaded with 4 types of aurora pigments and 3 types of UCC flakies and 2 types of chameleon flakies. There is so much going on but it flows like a perfect wave. Midnight Flight dries in a shiny finish and is rich in color.
Shown in 2 coats

Nail Art Products
Sassy Sauce Polish – Copper Stamping Sauce
Lina Nail Art Supplies – Make Your Mark 01 stamping plate


Fire & Ash

If you could only have one black polish, this is the one you need! A black base with scattered holographic and microflakies, copper, pewter, black holographic and chameleon microglitters, 4 types of aurora pigments, red/bronze/copper UCC flakies and orange/pink/gold crystal chameleon flakies. Take this color into different lighting and what it transform before your eyes. It really is like seeing fire dancing in ash. Fire & Ash dries in a shiny finish and the opacity is right on point.
Shown in 2 coats

Nail Art Products
Fancy Gloss – Golden Leaves
Pueen Cosmetics – Visual Wonderland 01 stamping plate


Punk Poet

One of favorites is this light turquoise holographic polish with micro holographic flakies, aurora pigment and a mix of 9 different UCC flakies. I tried y’all! I tried not to pick my normal colors to be my favorite but can you just look at this color! It’s just so …. everything! And when it’s matte it just glows. The more I look at the photos the more I fall in love with it. Punk Poet dries in a shiny finish and no issue with formula.
Shown in 2 coats

Nail Art Products
Fancy Gloss – Flamingo
Uberchic Beauty – Mermaid Life stamping plate



Named for the sweetest dragon I know this black crelly is packed with cyan to purple shifting shimmer, 3 types of crystal chameleon flakies and chameleon and silver holographic microglitters. The shimmer gives the black a deep dark navy feel and it’s like looking at the galaxy in a night sky. Toothless dries in a softer shiny finish and is perfectly pigmented.
Shown in 2 coats

Nail Art Products
Hit the Bottle – Roseglow Gold
Creative Shop – 63 stamping plate


Dragon’s Breath

The second fave pick is this dusty burgundy with aurora pigment, silver holographic microglitters, 2 types of UCC flakies and indigo/blue/green crystal chameleon flakies. I think this color called to me because it fits in the fall color palette I’m in love with right now. I actually wore this for a couple of days on vacation with this exact same nail art. The aurora shimmer really glows in this color. Dragon’s Breath dries in a shiny finish and applies beautifully.
Shown in 2 coats

Nail Art Products
Hit the Bottle – Calypso Gold
Manilogy – BM-XL16 stamping plate


Jade Serpent

My third favorite is this gorgeous lime green with micro holographic flakies, chameleon microglitters, green/silver/fuchsia multichrome pigment and 2 types of UCC flakies. This is like wearing sparkling liquid emerald jewels on your nails. I know you’re probably thinking but you said lime green. Yes in bright light it is definitely a lime green but in natural lighting the multichrome pigment makes it take on this darker shade of green and it sparkles. Jade Serpent dries to a shiny finish and also has flawless application.
Shown in 2 coats

Nail Art Products
Fancy Gloss – Dark Chocolate
Maniology – BM-XL209


Realm of Fire

The eighth dragon is a red with scattered holographic and microflakies, 2 types of crystal chameleon flakies and UCC flakies with sprinkling of aurora pigment. Holding on to summer a little longer, I used this color as my vacation pedicure after a day at the beach wrecked my polish. It’s not overly bright but still makes a statement. My mom would compliment my toes every time she looked at my feet! Realm of Fire dries to a metallic like finish and no issues to report.
Shown in 2 coats

Nail Art Products
Fancy Gloss – Evergreen
Uberchic Beauty – Collection 1-03 stamping plate