Sassy Sauce Polish – July 2018 Collection

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Happy Indieversary to Carrie!! It’s hard to believe it’s only been a year since Sassy Sauce Polish came into the indie world. Carrie is a seasoned polish maker and has brought us some gorgeous colors. This month is no different and we’re celebrating a full year of Sassy!


As always Carrie’s formula is wonderful and there are no issues with application. We have a new addition to the Stamping Sauce collection and some gorgeous sparkly colors to grab your attention. There are a few LE colors that you’re going to want to get your hands on before they disappear.

My Favorite: Leapin Lizards, I love the way the olive color looks on my skin, the shimmer and multicolor flakies add the extra sparkle touch that brought this color to the top of my list. Close second is the stampin sauce because well PURPLE! lol

Release Information: The collection will be available on Saturday, July 28th at 10am central time on the Sassy Sauce website. You can purchase the complete set for $54.00 or individually, prices will be listed with each swatch.



The House Began to Switch

This is overpour from Carrie’s donation to the OZ themed The Indie Shop Seattle VIP Bag.
a shimmery black thermal that shifts to silver/baby blue with blue sparks and holographic flakies and glitter
Shown in 2 coats
Price: $10


Lilac Stamping Sauce

a lilac creme polish made for stamping and perfect for a one coat polish
Shown in 1 coat / stamped over Carbon & Marshmallow Stamping Sauce
Price: $7.50


Shiny Disco Ball

a linear holographic glitter bomb overflowing with multisized holographic glitter and a touch of aurora pigment for added flare
Note this is a textured polish and will need two layers of top coat to remove the textured feel
Shown in 2 coats using brush application (kick it up a notch using a sponge)
Price: $10


Leapin Lizards

a shimmery olive with aurora shimmer and blue/purple/green shifting flakies
Shown in 2 coats
Price: $10

Here’s to YOU

A toast to one whole year of Sassy!
a metallic blurple with aurora shimmer and three kinds of duochrome shifting flakies
Shown in 2 coats
Price: $10


Buckle Up Baby

Here’s to the next year!
This is a LE recipe that will not be restocked
a linear holographic with chameleon microglitter and several different duochrome shifting flakies
Shown in 2 coats
Price: $10


A group of the swatchers for Sassy Sauce Polish did a beautiful collage for Carrie using colors that have been released over the past year. Here is my contribution. Be sure to check out my IG for the full collage!

Colors used:
Lilac Stamping Sauce
Carbon Stamping Sauce
Leapin Lizards
Giltzie Pleasure

Happy 1st Indieversary Carrie and many more to come!!


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