Pretty Beautiful Unlimited – Do You Believe in Mermaids?!

*Press Release

Please tell me I wasn’t the only little girl that pretended to be Ariel! Every time you went swimming you pretended you had a glorious mermaid tail and sang all the songs from The Little Mermaid. Just me? How embarrassing … LOL! Pretty Beautiful Unlimited is releasing the Do You Believe in Mermaids Collection and it will bring out the inner mermaid in you! I love this collection. It has a color for everyone and they are all so much fun!


There are no issues to report with the formula or application. The only thing I can complain about … the multichromes are so shifty that you won’t be able to pay attention to anything other than your nails!! Is that a bad thing? OK good, I didn’t think so either! Photos don’t show the full range but I tried hard to capture some of the shift for you. All colors are fully opaque in two coats, depending on your application. Aquatta can possibly take a third if you don’t get an even first coat. My indoor lighting is not the best at the new place. So, until I get my new light setup, I took outdoor photos in natural light.

My favorite: Triton’s Daughter. Not only is it a purple base but the shifts on are so insane! Sometimes it’s green, sometimes it a deep purple or a wine and the shimmer. Oooh weee! I kept it on all weekend long on my swatch hand and can’t wait to do a full mani with it!

Release Information: Saturday, June 16th at 11am central time at Pretty Beautiful Unlimited. You can purchase the full collection for $75.00, individual prices will be with each swatch.

Let’s get to the polish!

New Item Alert!

I’m also using a new product that Virgina is releasing. Drop the Base base coat is a creamy base that gives you a smooth painting surface. The base takes about an extra minute to try than what I am normally used to (could also be because I move from high altitude no humidity to good old southern heat which is nothing but humidity) so make sure to let it fully dry before you apply your color. All swatches are shown using Drop the Base. Also releasing is also a sticky base coat named Stick’em but I’ll be talking about that one another time. My favorite item releasing is Matte About You top coat. I’ve been using this matte top coat in all my swatches the last few months. It gives the perfect matte finish without any shrinking. All swatches shown in matte are using Matte About You. Price: $7.00 each



 a light lilac purple crelly packed with glitters in micro-holographic gold, silver, iridescent and metallic blue
as well as gold flakies and 3 types of UCC flakies
Price: $10.00


Dark Siren

a blurple with tons of shifty goodness from blue/purple/red and pink, 4 types of crystal chameleon flakies,
spectraflair and holographic silver and gold microglitters
Price: $11.00


Mermosas & Mertinis

a red-orange jelly with a slight violet to green shifting shimmer and scattered holographic and micro-holographic glitters
in silver, orange and red along with chameleon microglitters, red/pink/gold crystal flakies and 2 types of UCC flakies
Price: $10.00


Siren Frenzy

a turquoise green with turquoise and ruby red microflakies, copper and gold holographic microglitters,
red and gold microshreds and red/bronze/copper UCC flakies
Price: $10.00


The Girl Who Has Everything

a medium blue crelly packed with 3 types of UCC flakies, red/gold duochrome pigment
along with iridescent and chameleon microglitters
Price: $11.00


Sea Blossoms

a hot pink holographic jelly loaded with 3 types of UCC flakies, black matte and holographic glitters in various sizes
with a subtle splash of unicorn pigment and iridescent chameleon microglitters
Price: $10.00


H2 – Whoa!

a blue to purple with hints of green and gold multichrome with 3 types of crystal flakies,
silver holographic microglitters and flakies
Price: $11.00


 Triton’s Daughter

a plum that shifts to green and magenta with hints of copper multichrome along with illusion flakies,
UCC flakies, crystal flakies and gold holographic microglitters
Price: $11.00



Leave me a comment and tell me which color you can’t wait to get your hands on!

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