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Today we have a gorgeous contribution to the April Polish Pickup “Across the Universe” theme. Mace Polish brings to life a photography technique that is used to capture star trails in the night sky. One of the most popular places to take these photos is at the Joshua Tree National Park in California. Joshua Trees only grow in one place, the Mojave Desert, so it’s fitting for the polish to be named “Mojave Trails.” Stacy pulls inspiration from the photo below, showing the star trails behind Joshua Tree limbs.


Here’s everything you need to know about Mojave Trails.

“Mojave Trails” is a lilac, reddy purple holographic polish with copper sparks and indigo shimmer.
Cap: None! No ninja fingers required
Price: $12

I know the first pic isn’t something I normally do but I wanted to show the difference between 2 -3 coats. While 2 coats brings the color to almost full opacity, the third coat brings that additional deep depth of color making the purple really pop. I tried to pull from the inspo picture with my nail art, giving the same trail effect of the stars.

April’s Polish Pickup will be open from Friday, April 6th through Monday, April 9th at

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  1. I love your blog girlie! I found you page on IG and followed your link here! You have beautiful nails! I wish my natural nails looked as nice, but I get by with my extensions hehe. Well I just wanted to drop by and show some love and support. Keep on inspiring! Xoxo

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