Pretty Beautiful Unlimited “Sweet & Sour Collection”

*Press Sample

I have for you the gorgeous Sweet & Sour Collection from Pretty Beautiful Unlimited. The Collection features a total of five polishes: one jelly, two multichromes and two thermals. If you are not familiar with this brand you need to be! Virginia makes the most amazing colors! She packs them with everything under the sun but you are still left with a flawless formula that applies effortlessly. Overall this collection is amazing. It’s tons of fun with the multichrome, thermal and flakie goodness.

One thing I do want to mention, the reds have a stronger scent than most polishes. Virginia and I discussed this at length and also tested a few things. She was not affected by the new base that is going around but she told me some of the flakies have a less than pleasant scent. The scent is gone completely once the polish is dry and does not linger long. I wanted to fully disclose this since I’ve noticed this has been an issue in the community lately. As long as you are in a well ventilated area there are no issues.

The Collection releases on Saturday, February 3rd at 11 am Eastern Time. I will have a link to the website below. You can purchase the polish individually, prices will be noted with each polish or as a full set for $47. Now let’s get to the colors!

Sweet & Sour

a rosy pink jelly with two types of crystal flakies, pink to green shifting pigment, iridescent pink and silver holographic microglitters
and holographic microflakes
Shown in 2 coats
Price: $10

Chocolate Covered Strawberries

a reddish pink multichrome that shifts pink/violet/red/copper with silver holographic microflakes, silver holographic microglitters
and three types of crystal flakies
Shown in 2 coats
Price: $11

Crazy Stupid Love

a blackened multichrom that shifts blue/purple/copper/green with silver holographic microglitters and two types of crystal flakes
Shown in 2 coats
Price: $11.50

Wine & Roses

a purple to pink thermal with ruby metallic microflakes, a slight red to orange shifting shimmer, UCC and crystal chameleon flakies and chameleon and silver holographic microglitters
Shown in 2 coats
Price: $10

Bed of Roses

a red to clear thermal with red/violet/blue shifting shimmer, red metallic flakes and red holographic microshreds, UCC and crystal chameleon flakies
and silver and iridescent chameleon microglitters
Shown in 2 coats
Price: $10

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