Cuticula: Static Base Coat & Timeless Top Coat

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I had the privilege to test the new Static Base Coat and Timeless Top Coat recently released from Cuticula. Both Static Base and Timeless top come in four different scents, Rainbow Sherbet, Strawberry Watermelon, Chocolate Peppermint and Dew. I chose two different scents to try out, and both scents were fragrant for just under 24 hours. The scents are strong enough so you can smell the fragrance but neither are too overpowered and you can also get them in unscented if you are sensitive to fragrances.

Static Base Coat is a 5-free, fast drying, sticky base coat that helps prevent staining and provides a bond for long wear. I chose the scent Strawberry Watermelon described as the perfect blend of fresh strawberries and watermelon. This is a very soft fruity scent initially smelling of strawberry but the watermelon comes through in the base notes.

Timeless Top Coat is a 5-free, fast drying, high gloss top coat to provide protection and durability to your gorgeous mani. I chose the scent Dew described as a Mountain Dew scent with its lemon lime fizzy aroma. This smells exactly like Mt. Dew! I couldn’t explain it better if I tried! I used the top coat over a holographic multichrome polish and there was no dullness to the holo and you could see all the shifts of the multichrome. The finish gives you that perfect shine you expect from a high gloss top coat. I also did some stamping and there were no streaks or smearing of my stamping polish.

I just took this mani off yesterday. I wore this mani for NINE days before I had my first natural chip!! I chipped my pointer nail on Day two with a knife (yeah knives are sharp boys and girls!). I didn’t touch up the polish or apply any extra top coat. I have never been able to wear a mani for more than three days and even then I usually have some chipping. I’m blown away and so impressed!! Below is the daily progression (I did miss taking pics day seven and eight but there wasn’t much change from day six). If you struggle to get long wear out of your mani, I highly recommend you give Cuticula a try! You can purchase the Static Base Coat and Timeless Top Coat individually or as a trio set with CuQUICKula Quick Dry Top Coat.

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  1. I’ve been looking for a long-lasting base/top coat combo. I usually do a mani a week (or that’s the goal) and would like it not to look tired after a few days. Great review!!!

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