Glisten & Glow: Hand + Nail Nutrition

*Press Sample*

When I heard that Glisten & Glow was releasing a new hand and nail nutrition cream I volunteered right away to be a tester. When Jill contacted me I was thrilled that I was chosen! I live in the mountains of Colorado and although it’s absolutely beautiful, the climate is severely dry and we have very long and cold winters. Being a mom of boys (gotta love my dirty boys), I’m always washing my hands. It doesn’t help I’m a bit of a germaphobe and a touch OCD. Let’s not forget all the other daily cleanings that stay at home moms do. No matter what kind of lotion or cream I’d use, my hands are always dry and rough. So I put the new Hand + Nail Nutrition to the test and let me tell you, it passes with flying colors!

The first day I received it I wanted to do a quick test. So I apply a small dab to the back of my hand. It’s a lightweight cream that absorbs into your skin without leaving a greasy feel. And it leaves your skin feeling so soft! Here’s a quick at a glance of my initial quick test.

I’ve continued using the cream two to three times a day, as suggested, using about a nickel to quarter sized amount. I like to add a little extra when I go to bed at night since I will have a few hours I know my hands won’t be coming into contact with any water. It’s also recommended to apply cuticle oil to your nails after applying the cream. Glisten & Glow has a click pen applicator that makes applying the oil to the top and under the free edge of your nail convenient and easy. My hands are finally soft and hydrated, my cuticles are moisturized and my nails are getting healthier and the peeling is going away. Hand + Nail Nutrition is going to be a staple in my nail and skin care routine!

Hand + Nail Nutrition comes in two sizes, a .5 ounce jar which is perfect to keep in your purse on the go and also a 2 ounce size jar. It comes in Jill’s signature scent, Sangria White Peach, a wonderful soft scent with a subtle peach undertones that also makes you want to have a glass of wine. There is also an unscented option but it’s important to know there is a “scent” to the unscented because of the all natural ingredients but there is no added fragrances.

To get super soft and healthy hands and nails grab your Hand + Nail Nutrition from Glisten & Glow!

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Click the video below to watch me review the product for you. You will get to see the consistency of the cream and see the application.